During the introduction and growth stage's of the business life cycle, i worked alongside Professional Boxing Promoter Joe Elfidh, Producing and Branding all of the media content for his Professional Boxing platform, working with a small budget making use of what available resources i had to hand; alongside studying at University. 
Operating as a total filmmaker, the type of tasks these projects entailed, had me responsible for all of the creative aspect of the production process. 
For the live events, i would work with a small team, including the commentator, and often 1/2 fellow cameramen on a non-multi cam set-up, operating solely off of storyboarding - shot types, then editing and branding the content in postproduction ready for release across various social media platforms. 

Equipment used: 
Sony A7s, Canon 24-105mm, 2 x Sony PMW 200 / 300, Rode ntg2 condenser shotgun microphone, Coles 4104 Commentator Ribbon lip mic, Sennheiser SKP 100 Radio Mic Transmitter / Receiver 

Software used: 
Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Photoshop

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