Social work awareness film produced for the Department of Health, Department for Education, Local Government Association and Jobs Go Public, to promote to other social workers about the Come Back To Social Work programme that the Government had running to help get social workers back into the field of social working, encouraging them by showing interviews and workshop activities from participants of the course whom have been out of social work for a long time, to which having completed the programme are now ready to start working again having being brought up to date with the social working industry. 

This project faced many challenges where i was working as a one man crew on such a short notice, undertaking multiple tasks on the day of production in a non controllable environment. So planning ahead, i filmed a variety of shot types for each scene so that during post production i could do match on action cuts, to make it look like there were multiple camera’s providing multiple angles of coverage. For the interviews, where a majority of them took place during the lunch breaks, the lavaliere mic pattern picked up a majority of the background noise, so during post production, i had to get an experienced sound engineer to cancel out as much of the noise as possible, plus side chain the interview audio to the sound track to provide more clarity to what was being spoken.

Equipment used

Sony A7s
Canon 24 - 105mm
Canon 70-200mm
Rhode Video Shotgun Mic mini
Senhnheiser EW112G3 Wireless Lav Mic

Software used:

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects , Reason

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